Job Opportunities

Preschool Personnel

Principle Function: The Preschool Personnel are to provide child care in a loving, Christian manner and to provide a safe environment for preschoolers (birth through PreK5).

Supervisor: The Preschool Personnel is responsible to the Preschool Lead and the Children’s Ministry Director.

1) Give loving Christian care to Preschoolers.
2) Come to work with a positive attitude.
3) Must be responsible for being to work on time.
4) Must arrive and be prepared to receive preschoolers thirty minutes prior to any scheduled event unless otherwise notified. This gives you the time to look over the curriculum before children arrive. It is also time for you to supply your room.
5) Smocks must be worn at all times.
6) Water is the only drink allowed in the classrooms.
7) Cell phones are not allowed in the classrooms. Please leave them in the resource room.
8) School age children will not be allowed in the preschool suite while church wide activities are going on. The only time school age children will be allowed in the preschool is when no church activities are going on.
9) It is important that you are in your assigned room when the first child comes and remain in your room until the last child leaves. If you need anything you can let the Preschool Lead know and she will get it for you. Do not leave your assigned room.
10) There will always be prepared curriculum for you to use while in the Preschool. It is very important that you use this material. CBC Preschool is about teaching children not just babysitting.
11) A star card must be filled out on every child at each session.
12) After all children are dismissed you must disinfect your room. This includes wiping off the tables, chairs, countertops and all of the toys in your room. You will also be responsible for emptying the trash from your room.
13) It is your responsibility to report any serious behavior to the Children’s Ministry Director.
14) Before leaving the Preschool it is necessary to check in with the Preschool Lead or Children’s Ministry Director.